Monday, 23 November 2015

LIFE: Photo An Hour November 2015

Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour Photo An Hour

Oh hey everyone. I know I've been a little absent from the whole blogging thing. I don't think I've been near anything blog related in about two weeks and apparently I haven't shared anything here for the entirety of Noevember. As of right now, I'm not really sure of the future of my blog, I'm not really sure if I've reached the point of calling it a day or just drawing it right back and just writing whenever whatever. It's all a little up on the air.

But photo an hour was calling and well, it's hard to not join in. 

Saturday was actually the first proper snowfall of the winter 2015-2016 season with a predicated 8 or so inches of the white stuff, but I think we ended up getting about 5". It was also a day of trying to get on top of all our boring adult chores, think changing oil in the car, putting the window insulation up, hanging curtains and getting a start on Christmas shopping kinda day. Followed by cross stitching, hot dogs, whiskey and everything from Jessica Jones to the Mindy Project. 

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Friday, 30 October 2015

SNAPSHOTS: The Cincinnati Zoo

Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo

After our first visit in July, the Cincinnati Zoo fast became my favorite. It's wonderfully laid out, the exhibits are huge and they do a great deal of work behind the scenes at helping reintroducing species back into the wild - to the point it's often considered the sexist zoo for all the breeding programs that help repopulate wild populations. So when we had a long weekend just after my birthday, I couldn't really turn down a road trip back there. 

It's always great returning to the zoo after a couple of months (one of the reasons why I love my Detroit Zoo membership) those lion clubs were getting so much larger and daddy Lion was back in the exhibit, Tofu the baby Red Panda was out and about, those baby Flamingo's were just as big as their parents. Plus we managed to catch a glimpse of those animals we missed the first time around - like the crazy cute Sloth to those calling the Gibbon island home. Plus the zoo is home to my favorite penguins - those baby blue ones and with the cooler weather overhead they were being adorably active - splashing, swimming around in their pool. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

LIFE: Allegheny Autumnal Backroads

Small Things Small Things Small Things Small Things

Sweeping along the many back roads of Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) walls of orange and yellowing leaves were broken up with a quick glimpse of the Monongahela River, railroad tracks or rocky hills. Winding roads and hills seem another world away from the flat corner of SE Michigan, roads that often take me back to my English roots and old family holidays in the Lakes or Scotland. For this reason along, Allegheny always has a special place in my heart for drawing up those old memories of the homeland. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised at the autumnal colours that this corner of West PA had to offer.   

Monday, 26 October 2015

LIFE: Small Things

Small Things

Life has been a little up in the air shall we say in the last couple of weeks, which unfortunately led to a quick dash back to Pittsburgh for a family funeral. Hence the delay in getting out last weeks small things posts, but with a death, it makes you appreciate those small things even more. And while I could go on about the differences in how a funeral plays out in the US in comparison, lets just talk about happy things, like;

  • Fall the fall colours - I can never tire of seeing all those oranges, reds and yellows
  • Signing up for Marvel Unlimited and getting to read loads and loads of Marvel comics - old and new
  • Managing to get a 3 foot tall Peace Lily home in one piece all the way from Pittsburgh, it however may not survive being around the kitties ... 
  • Having a couple of days being called auntie is always fun
  • Driving around the back roads of Allegheny in Pennsylvania and being blown away with all the beautiful fall colours (more on this to come)  
  • Finally getting around to reading Nimona which is a very quirky and fun graphic novel that I would highly recommend
  • Also Neil Gaiman's Sleeper and the Spindle is both a beautiful tale and gorgeously illustrated which is always a double winner
  • Being spoiled with a Keurig coffee machine in our hotel room
  • All the pumpkin carving
  • Meeting lots of new kitties and seeing just how well they flock to me, it's like I just let off cat lady signals at every turn
  • Popping into an anime store in Greensburg and finding all the goodies

How are things with you?