Monday, 25 March 2013

Yesterday's Kisses

Fortunately for the size of my waistline we don't live close enough to make trips to Mexicantown too often (it's pretty much on the opposite side of the city to us). Nevertheless fortunately for me i have a boy that spoils me rotten, like on Friday when he happened to be over in Mexicantown with work. So I was spoilt to some food goodies from a little bakery that's next to our favourite restaurant there. Jarrito's Mexican Cola (imported from Mexico they also produce a full range of different flavours and is actually in many a store) is made with only natural sugar and there certainly is a difference between this and the traditional cola brand we all know about. This version has much more of a root beer herbal tart like taste. Certainly one to purchase in the future, tis tasty!

The boy was also a sweetie in buying me a strawberry pastry which was in the shape of a Cornish pasty with a strawberry tart like mixture wrapped in a short bread like pastry, just harder. I sadly don't know what it's called but again very tasty. But the cutest of all was the chocolate mouse. Nearly too cute to eat but not quite - thick tasty sponge covered in delicious melt in your mouth chocolate.


Do you love Mexican food?

Remember you still have time to shoot me a question in my ask me anything post. I've had some great questions already so be looking for the answer in a post or two in the coming weeks.  


  1. I love spicy (vegetarian) Mexican food, something that's sorely lacking around here! xxx

  2. My husband looks Jarrito's and Mexican coke. He likes the fact that it's actual sugar in there instead of corn syrup.

    I'm Mexican and have had a hard time adjusting to the fact that Northern Nevada has no real Mexican markets. I finally found one and that made me super happy. If it were up to my husband all we would eat (and me cook) would be Mexican. He does love burritos and tacos.

  3. Oh I love Mexican food, we have very few Mexican restaurants in the Peak District though!

    That Cola sounds fantastic! Anything slightly less artificial has got to be a winner!

    Jem xXx

  4. Yeah I never really noticed and certainly never ate any Mexican food until we went to Chicago (bar the visits to taco bell just over the road) - it's certainly a food I want to eat more of!

  5. Having a little drool right now! x

  6. I love Mexican food. It was so sweet of your boy to spoil you with treats.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. That chocolate mouse is the cutest! I adore anything shaped like an animal (the Lindt bunnies around for Easter keep tempting me), that's really sweet of Joe xxx